Samsung ship more smartphones in Quarter 3 than anyone else.

Today it has been widely reported that Samsung in Quarter 3 of 2011 have “shipped” more smartphones than any other manufacturer. As usual statistics are being used to cover up what is really going on. The analysts are being quoted as saying devices “shipped”. Which means the number of devices sent out from the original factory to sit in a warehouse or a shop waiting to be sold. So Samsung basically made more than the others. Yes I know the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been a great factor in this and yes I know that Samsung have sold a lot of them. But the figures are still misleading.

Apple and Nokia figures are lower than before as they have been waiting for their new devices to start shipping. Samsung have just been churning out slight variations of a theme for months now. I am sounding rather negative I know, but it would be nice to see some idea of sales figures as well.

Below are the figures that various sites are using to come to outrageous conclusions with. No doubt Quarter 4 figures will look vastly different with the release of the iPhone 4s and the new Nokia Lumia devices.

Global smartphone shipments Q3 2011

Company Shipments (millions) Market share
Samsung 27.8 23.8%
Apple 17.1 14.6%
Nokia 16.8 14.4%
Others 55.3 47.3%

Source – BBC