Motorola Q3 results – iPad killer fail

Motorola Q3 results   iPad killer failMotorola have just announced their Q3 results and their supposed iPad killing Xoom tablet accounted for a tiny slice of sales during the quarter. They shipped a total of 11.6 million mobiles devices of which the Xoom represented a mere 100,000 units. In contrast, Apple sold 11.12 million iPads during the same quarter which averages out at approx 120,000 units a day. Okay there’s a little¬†ambiguity¬†between shipped and sold but there’s still quite an impressive gap between the numbers. I’m still looking forward to seeing what Google do with the Motorola Mobility though, could be exciting times ahead…

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  • Joleen

    Motorola CEO= Fail

  • I want to see how Google will be try work with motorolla. But i like Blackberry PlayBook more then Xoom ))

  • Anonymous

    I love Android and have never wanted an iPhone but at the same time I wouldn’t swap my iPad for a honeycomb tablet.