Travel SIMs – XXSIM offers free incoming calls

Travel SIMs    XXSIM offers free incoming callsWe all know the story by now. You go abroad, you use your mobile, then you come home and collapse in shock when the bill arrives. If you’ve got an unlocked handset there are ways around the “roaming shock” by using roaming or travel SIM cards. There’s a few to choose from and now XXSIM has stepped forward with their prepaid GSM SIM card to keep your costs down whilst abroad.

Incoming calls are completely free in 120 countries and calls from places like Germany and the USA are as low as €0.35. It’ll also save you money on data roaming, just £1 per MB. We’ve just used their call calculator to show typical costs whilst on holiday in Spain..

Travel SIMs    XXSIM offers free incoming calls

You can order a SIM for €12, which is around £10.46. You then register it and load up some credit. A new number will then be given and you can use it worldwide.

We’d like to hear from you if you’ve used a “travel SIM” and your advice on the best ones.

Link – XXSIM

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  • Anonymous

    It’s not free from the UK so there are plenty of other SIM deals out there that are possibly better.

  • the_prof

    Absolutely – I tend to spend around EUR25 on a data-only SIM when I travel (it’s not available everywhere, but if you’re off to a large city, you can usually pick them up.  I then put that in my phone and use Skype, which (again, in a city) tends to work pretty good.  As a bonus, you also get a large amount of data, and don’t pay £1+ per megabyte, which is criminal these days if you ask me. 

    For example, recently I travelled to Valencia, and managed to get a Movistar data only SIM for EUR25 with 3GB prepaid – I think I only used 750MB the week I was there.  If you have a Skype account with a proper number and a bit of credit, the call costs for those are negligible. 

  • Zonix

    midnightz, do you know a better offer ? Do you have a link for me please ?