Nokia 800 drip-fed into your brain

Blink and you miss it, but there’s quite a few Nokia 800 teaser ads floating about on TV tonight. They’re very short and are slotted between other commercials but luckily we’ve found a YouTube video where it’s pieced together somewhat..

We’re seeing lots of positive comments about Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) on the web, some even saying that it’s better than the iPhone. Is this the start of the big Microsoft turn-around ?

"I'm going to destroy Android" - Steve Jobs
HTC Reveal Android 4.0 decision
  • I purchased a HTC Radar sim free whilst waiting for my contract upgarde to come next month. Let me tell you now it’s one of the best phones I have owned. The OS is simply superb and the only thing I don’t like is that HTC watch is not working in the UK on win mo at the moment.

    Stunning stuff and this is someone that has been on Android since the HTC Hero up to the Nexus S….. Love Android but it’s far to fragmented now and that means many don’t share the same experience. 

    Coolsmartphone really needs to review the Radar and Titan showing Mango working…. as for anyone else, get down to a phnoes4U as they actually have the phones fornt and centre in many of the shops so that people can play on em! 

    My upgarde will be either the Titan or this new Nokia…

    • Wig

      coolsmartphone have really gone, dare i say it, anti wp of late, shame, because they were my main source of ms mobile news…