Android released for HP TouchPad

This morning a very early Alpha release of Android for the HP TouchPad has been released. It is from the Cyanogenmod team. It has many bugs in it and the developers recommend you DO NOT install it. A lot of people (me included) have been questioning as and when we would ever see a release. Some people have even been considering selling their TouchPads and buying different tablets. This sort of behaviour has obviously prompted the developers to push this early build out, to keep people on board.

Once installed you will be able to dual boot your TouchPad to either Android or WebOS. So any money you have spent on WebOS apps will not be in vain. The bug list has a few major bugs, they are as follows.

High Priority Cannot record sound, unless sound is already playing [Accepted]
High Priority Battery Drains while sleeping and active [Accepted]
High Priority Plugging in headphones does not mute external speakers [Accepted]
Medium Priority Apps in market are being filtered [Accepted]
Medium Priority Battery does not shut down device at critical battery level [Reported]
Medium Priority Camera does not take pictures [Accepted]
Low Priority Reboot and Shutdown can take a long time [Accepted]
Low Priority LED light turns off while sleeping [Accepted]
Low Priority Light Sensor does not work automatically, needs to be turned on manually [Accepted]
Low Priority No audio support for BT headsets [Accepted]
Low Priority Add divx codecs for video support [Started]
Low Priority GPS apps crashes because apps assume for valid GPS [Accepted]

But if you still want to go ahead and install this (I will be soon) then head over to Rootzwiki and watch the video, download the files and try your hardest not to break your TouchPad. Be warned this could brick your TouchPad and will certainly cause warranty issues if you need to send it back. If you do get it installed let us know how it goes.

Source – Rootzwiki