Samsung Galaxy WiFi arrives

Most of us are probably familiar with the Apple iPod. It was, and still is, a fantastic music player. In 2007 Apple stuck all the phone technology into it and .. boom.. out came the iPhone. Samsung have now decided to do something similar, but in reverse, by launching the Galaxy WiFi. It looks just like the Galaxy SII but .. there’s no GSM connection. It’s a WiFi-only device and will be arriving in stores from November for around £220.

We’re still a bit confused by all this as there’s already the Galaxy S WiFi range .. but heck, I still want one 🙂

Link – Galaxy S WiFi


Available in both 5.0” and 3.6” the Galaxy Wi-Fi offers a powerful multimedia experience

10th October, London, UK – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd today announced the availability of the Galaxy Wi-Fi multimedia device. Available in two sizes – the 5.0” is available now and the 3.6’’ version will be in the shops from November.

The Samsung Galaxy Wi-Fi device offers a powerful multimedia experience along with internet connectivity all packed into a portable and stylish package. Providing the entertainment and Wi-Fi capabilities of an Android smartphone, without the monthly cost commitment, the Galaxy Wi-Fi gives you a camera, music, access to over a hundred thousand apps, Social Hub and much more.

Simon Stanford, Managing Director, Mobile, Samsung UK and Ireland said: “With the Galaxy Wi-Fi we have created a device that allows consumers all the fun and freedom of our other Android Galaxy devices. Consumers can choose from thousands of exciting apps and communicate with friends using the Social Hub or even services such as Skype. The different size options mean there is something for everyone.”

Featuring a 1GHz OMAP processor and running on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) the Galaxy Wi-Fi provides an easy to use, versatile interface which supports a wide variety of video and audio formats. ‘SoundAlive’ provides users with the ability to adjust sound levels to fit the song they are listening to or the film they are watching ensuring an amazing audio experience at all times. Using the Wi-Fi connectivity users can chat with friends and family in numerous ways including Google Talk and the Social Hub.

Users can access hundreds of thousands of applications through Google’s Android Market and Samsung Apps. The device’s Wi-Fi connectivity also enables superior content management as well as the sharing of content with other devices. Users can backup songs, videos and other files onto their PC without needing to install a program or even needing to plug the device in, thanks to the WiFi connection.

Launch Markets, Availability & Price

The 5.0” device is available in store and online now whilst the 3.6” will be coming to the UK in November 2011.