Samsung to try and block iPhone 4S sales

Samsung to try and block iPhone 4S salesThe war between Samsung and Apple continues. Reuters reports that it will file patent-infringement claims to try and ban the sale of the new iPhone 4S before it even hits the shops.

Samsung said preliminary injunction requests for a ban on iPhone 4S sales will be filed on Wednesday and each case involves two patent infringements related to its wireless technology.

Link – Reuters

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  • Can’t Apple & Samsung (and HTC for that matter) see that all these lawsuits are hurting competition, not helping it? They reduce choice for the customer and make manufacturers less likely to co-operate in development of new products and standards.

    • Personally I think it’s all getting a bit silly now. I can just see the head line of the next law suit…
      “Apple to file for injunction over what Samsung said about it’s mum….

      Meanwhile Samsung file for injunction due to hair pulling by Apple. HTC are seeing to by standing in the corner giggling, whilst Google looks on chanting ‘FIGHT, FIGHT’.”

      I think we should get the Execs from each of the company, dress them up in silly outfits, and put them in a wrestling ring filled with something slippery. Let them fight it out, winner keeps all patents. Maybe they will realise what a bunch of 4 year olds they are being, all while entertaining the masses.

    • ninemil

      Samsung are just replying in kind. Karma’s a bitch, and hopefully Samsung will suceed. That should show Apple that the legal blade cuts in both directions, and force them to actually compete, rather than sue, in an attempt to claw their failing market share back.

      • Paul

        ninemil what a stupid comment …. Apple lead the rest follow simple as …

        macbook air  and so on…. 

        i know this and I’m a frustated nokia users…. 

        • ninemil

          Actually, if you’d bothered to read the news articles on this site, you’d know Apple are #2. Android have market share, and aren’t likely to lose it anytime soon.

          As for the mac? It’s a PC with a dumbed down user interface for idiots that can’t maintain a PC correctly. Please, do be quiet. It’s no different to an xbox – PC guts, with a shitty UI.

          • John

            apple have only 4 phones out there in what 4 years andriod have over 60 + models out there…  not 1 on them on its own can sell more than a high priced iphone…..!!!!!!

            says it all really …. nice try tho ninemil…


          • ninemil

            Do you actually read this site?

          • John

            Do you read the site….. android are not making any big news sueing other companys due to the fact they dont own any good ideas..!!!!

            apple sold 47 million iphone 4 in 201035 million iphone 3GS 2009 (best selling phone)35 million iphone 3G 3 million iphone 2G

            no 4 android phones come close to this….

            simples…!!!!!! lol

      • Exactly,  this is just about slowly Samsung down. Well they ain’t going to work at Apple’s level, that is their choice. Apple can try and stop them but they will fail, the best they can hope for is get a few dollars off every Samsung phone sold, yippee-do. Apple need to dig in a raise the bar, and that iPhone 4s fart is a joke concerning that. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone was great, a 3.5″ devices had their day in the sun, but those days are gone – I don’t want that today, and the market doesn’t want that today, yet Apple are making that and going to try and market that in today’s market. Worse still is that they won’t even fail in bringing a under-specced and over-priced product to market – and that isn’t a reflection on the level Apple are working at, but a sad reflection on sheep with bad haircuts.