Nearer ever Nearer – iPhone 4S

We’ve been speculating on the site for some time around what the next iPhone announcement would REALLY be about, will it be the mythical re-vamped 5 or a guts change on the 4 (much like the Gen3 underwent).

While we’ve maintained the iPhone 5 is still a long way off, and Apple haven’t made enough coin from the 4th Generation iPhone, news just in appears to support our opinion – leaked by none other than iTune’s itself!!

For all you jolly beta testers out there, check out you plist file in iTune 10.5 beta 9 – notice anything new?? 😉

Ok – for the non beta testers out there, check out the screenshot below:-






Now if that doesn’t confirm our suspicions around Tuesday’s announcement, then what will…. Guess most of us will be waiting for Q2 next year for the iPhone 5?!

Also let”s not forget, the iPhone budge phone. Remember how they slashed the price of the 3GS to compete with the new Android and Win7 phones in the market? Well it appears that Apple wont be doing the same with the iPhone 4, but instead introducing an 8GB version in to the marketplace via Foxconn manufacturing in Brazil – full story here