App Review – Retro Recall

App Review   Retro Recall

The idea behind this app, as the name suggests is to provide images of various retro films/toys/songs etc and includes a link to the relevant Wikipedia website for that particular subject.

The app has the ability to set favourites and you can also share items by email, Facebook, Twitter etc. It is also possible to switch between UK and US versions of the app.

Unfortunately the amount of content is rather lacking. You get a picture of the subject, and that’s it. Tapping ‘more info’ just redirects you to the relevent Wikipedia page. Sound clips, or small video clips, would have made the app much more fun.

Whilst the form of an app means the content is nicely presented for phone viewing, I can’t help think there are numerous websites out there which offer this content (and more) for free. You just need to open Safari…

Having said that, 69p isn’t exactly going to break the bank, and may well kill time on a boring train journey.

*Update 13-09-11* – the guys at Retro Recall have now added YouTube links and other functionality. Details and a sample video are at

Retro Recall is available now for 69p in the App Store

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  • Paul McCue

    Did this app really merit a review – or my comment? 

  • Hi just in response to the review:


    The content will be continuously updated and enhanced, there will be links to movie clips etc added to the app in the next couple of weeks – it has to be emphasised that once downloaded the content will continuously change without having to re-download and we will update you on Twitter when we do

    Unlike the websites out there, this brings the item to you, and has a “what’s next?” quality, also the websites can be specific, this has diversity of films, shows, events, toys etc all in one place and guarantees to show you something you had not remembered in a long time. No website can show Steve Irwin, Slap Bracelets and Skunk Anansie all in 15 seconds!

    As you say it is a great time filler – and works well with the IPhone and IPod Touch – give it a try!


    The Retro Recall Team