8GB iPhone4 rumours emerge

Reuters has reported that some Apple suppliers are gearing up for the production of a reduced capacity iPhone 4 variant. Whilst there’s a definite indication that some aspects of this story are true – despite Reuters being cagey about its sources – there’s no confirmed comment on it from Apple. Given that the last few iPhone launches have seen the previous model released as an 8GB ‘cheap’ option and we’re due a new iPhone towards the end of September, on the whole this seems credible, if entirely non-inspiring news (any bets on it retailing at the same price as the iPhone 3GS currently goes for now?).

There’s bags of speculation in the Reuters piece on new form factors, models for developing markets etc., but really it’s all just made up nonsense at this stage. As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m not expecting the world to move with the iPhone5, but Apple often has a little surprise up their sleeve, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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  • guest

    8GB in an age where we are dealing with terabytes. Nice one Apple!

    • John

      why what do you need on your phone thats more than 8g in 1 day…..do you just watch movies 9 to 5 all day on it????

      • Steve

        Music, Apps and Videos.. It all adds up. It is very easy to fill 16GB, let alone 8! As “iPhone fan” says above, he/she has almost filled their 32GB.

        • iPhone fan

          You are right, it is easy to fill 8/16/32gb – the point I was trying to make is that 8gb is enough if you are willing to manage your content. I’ve got loads of apps that I don’t use anymore, 2.5gb of photos that I also have on flickr, music that I dont listen to anymore – so I think that 8gb is enough for some users.

    • iPhone fan

      If it means the phone is more affordable for more people then what is the problem? iCloud will mean that apps, music, video, pictures and documents can be stored until it’s needed anyway and you can already store lots of bits with google docs etc. I’ve got the 32gb iPhone 4 and the memory is almost full – but if I got myself organised I could easily fit what I actually need/use regularly in 8gb. If an 8gb version is released then it won’t be ground breaking but I’m guessing that that isn’t the point.

    • Martin

      In one way it is good that Apple are offering an ‘affordable’ option to joing the clan. On the other hand they are being incredibly mean in only offering an 8gig version. memory is cheap as chips these days, make it 16gigm.
      Personally I don’t like the apple mantra of not allowing a memory upgrade via a sd card slot.
      And the price is extortionate. The 3gs 8 gig is £429, really? £429 for tech that is over 2 years old now? OMG and people still buy it. Madness, sheer madness. They only buy it due to the apple name. There are far better phones than the 3gs for less money. If you have to have the apps, get a 32gb touch and buy a normal phone.
      If they made it £349 and 16gb then it might be worth it. Far better deals out there on android devices.

      • iPhone fan

        You are right that the 3GS technology is now over 2 years old but apple have said that the phone will receive the latest OS update – how many android phone this old are still officially supported by the manufacturer? Although I have said that 8gb is enough for some users (eg my wife who only wants to browse, listen to music and look on Facebook rather than playing games or watching videos), I agree that 16gb would be a better minimum capacity. You are also right about the price, but people will pay it!