HP TouchPad continues to fill bargain bins everywhere

HP TouchPad continues to fill bargain bins everywherePrices on the HP TouchPad continue to tumble, with Dixons now knocking down the 16GB version to just £89, or £115 for the 32GB variant. This isn’t just a normal price cut, this is a massive price explosion. The 32GB TouchPad used to be a stonking £429.99, now it’s £314.99 cheaper. Woaha.

We did a quick check on the Dixons site but it looks like the 1/2GHz Dual-Core webOS Tablet has already sold out.

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Credit – Trevor Mitchell

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  • Dan Carter

    Managed to order 2 from Comet.  1 for my dad and 1 for me.  Both 32GB models.  Although apps will be short, paired with a One Plan Sim in a phone via WiFi Tethering this will be great for on the move

  • GFen

    Any able to find any in stock now?

  • Humaun kabir

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  • after this was posted on jotukdeals yesterday it pretty much destroyed any website that had them in stock. carphone and comet almost suffered a denial of Service styled attack by users :)

  • Just managed to get a 32gb ordered from Dixons – looks like it was the last one so will see if it ever turns up! Also managed to get a 16gb on back order from Amazon @ 89 last night but but doubt that will ever come good!

  • Misterjrw

    I also managed to order the 32GB from Comet, just before it all went crazy. I had to refresh the pages to push me onwards in the ordering process but i got there in the end.
    Let’s see if it turns up (or will Comet staff nab it from under my noses).

  • mine showed up, decent piece of kit. Definitely a bargain @ £115 and web os (whilst not without flaws) is pretty slick.