HP TouchPad TouchDown Prices!

HP TouchPad TouchDown Prices!

So HP announced that they’re pulling out of the PC Market (via sell off like IBM did a few years back to Lenovo), and also killing off their WebOS devices.

We’ll leave the why’s & wherefore’s to another Samsung/ Apple industry crushing debate another day…

However – who would’ve expected to snap up a 9.7″ tablet with these specs for under $100? Well no-one really, but it’s true. BestBuy in Canada and the US are flushing stock down the toilet faster than you can say, well, BestBuy I suppose. (Click the link for evidence but don’t expect to be able to buy one – they are SOLD OUT)

Even more amusing (or not if you have already splashed out on one), is that Amazon resellers have knocked a whopping £120 and £170 off the 16GB and 32GB devices respectively over here.

So what if you bought a device fromHP Direct… will they do the right thing and give you some hard earned cash back…. quite possible if TheUnlocker is reporting correctly.

If you’re looking for a cheap media device then this could be the answer, assuming you’re happy with a device that may/ may not have long term support on a platform that may/ may not be around in a year or so. Otherwise, pick up an AndyPad when released ;)

I’m on a horse!…

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  • Anonymous

    We just need someone to port Android to it!

    • Steve

      Exactly what I was going to say! :)

      • EgonSpengler

        me too as it docent look like an iPad and the interfaces has no likeness to the IOS apple use….not at all…

    • Anonymous

      It’s being worked on – http://rootzwiki.com/showthread.php?t=3327

      • Joleen

        If this happens who will Apple sue? ;-0

  • id buy one if was like £100-150.


  • Anonymous

    Amazon UK still have a 64GB version available for pre order – 15 September ship date for a low, low  £569.83. I wonder how long till that disappears.