HTC release Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the Desire, but there’s a catch.

The long awaited Gingerbread update for the HTC Desire looks like it has arrived, but don’t get too excited….

Now cast your mind back a few months, HTC announced they wouldn’t be bringing Gingerbread to the desire,  they then changed their mind and announced they would be bringing it after all, then they started making noises that they would have to make some omissions…..

According to HTC’s Facebook page, they have had to remove several apps and customisation options, they are somewhat vague about what they have removed, but they do mention the Facebook app. This is all a result of the Desire apparently not having the spare memory to run their Sense UI and Gingerbread.

The other catch is that not only is it not available to Germany, Japan, South Korea and North America ( Why?), but it is not going to be an Over the Air update – you have to download it from HTC’s developers website.

The Rom update will wipe your phone, so make sure you backup everything that is important to you!

Below is the post on Facebook:

HTC release Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the Desire, but theres a catch.


Link to HTC’s Facebook page: Facebook  ( The download link is on the page)

Now, I have a few thoughts on this, I’m puzzled it has taken so long, quite why HTC couldn’t of released Gingerbread without their Sense UI as an option? we know the Nexus one can run Gingerbread fine and that is essentially the same phone.

Secondly, we know the Desire can run fine with Sense and Gingerbread as the custom Rom community has been mucking around with it for many many months.

Finally, this does seem a cop-out from HTC, they are many owners that will not even attempt to install this update as it involves a bit more than just clicking ‘install’ when a notification comes in to the phone. Updates should be a one click operation otherwise the vast majority will simply ignore it or not even be aware it is out there.

Still, it’s out for download now, so  go and have a look to see if it was worth the wait!

Edit: It appears running this update will lock the bootloader, so if you have rooted your phone I’d advise not updating just yet.
Considering the fuss about locked/unlocked bootloaders recently this is very poor form from HTC.