The JCB Toughphone – just how tough is it ?

The JCB Toughphone   just how tough is it ?A couple of weeks ago we were sent a Samsung microSD card and asked to test the claim that it was shock proof, water prooft and dust proof. This week we got sent this JCB Toughphone Tradesman – it’s touted as being “military spec” and super-strong. It’s by no means the sort of phone we normally look at, but for £64.99 (network free) you’re getting a phone that, for many, is a simple phone which is ideal for demanding environments.

It doesn’t have a camera and isn’t powered by Android or Windows Phone but does have a long stand-by time and a “fuss free” interface. It has an FM radio, torch and a colour screen. But, on the back of the box, we noticed something. It’s the world’s first floating phone.. Ooo… This could be fun..

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  • A good review….. thanks

  • Anonymous

    I love this phone, it would make a great second phone for my boat! and at the price its a no brain’er!