Samsung microSD card – Tested (almost) to destruction

Samsung microSD card   Tested (almost) to destructionThis is the 8GB microSD card from Samsung. The guys at Memory Card Zoo asked us to review one and pointed out that it was water proof, dust proof, shock proof and was even safe against magnets.

So. We had a think. How could we do a “proper” Coolsmartphone test on this £10.50 memory card? What in the world could we do to see if it was as robust as it claimed?

We gave it to the most destructible force known to man….

.. a three year-old child.

We scraped it, bashed it and dropped it in water. We then used a jet-washer on it, ran over it in a car and a lot more besides. Did it stand up to the test ? Well, check out our video. Bear in mind that we went far beyond the intended day-to-day wear in our test, and there’s probably a good chance that you’ll bust your microSD card if you do anything like this to it, even the Samsung one we tested. 🙂

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Link – Memory Card Zoo