HTC Desire Z Update on Vodafone UK

HTC Desire Z Update on Vodafone UKQuick, check for updates ! If you’ve got the HTC Desire Z on Vodafone version of Android 2.3.3 is now rolling.

Steve has just mailed in to tell us that his Vodafone UK handset popped up with the update, but do let us know if yours if arriving too.

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  • Steve

    Hi All
    Just finished the downloading and I have all the 2.3.3 niceness.
    Android 2.3.3
    HTC Sense 2.1

    Now for a play


  • Guest

    Still waiting for unlocked/unbranded one to get some Gingerbread…been waiting forever…

  • Guest

    Still waiting for unlocked/unbranded one to get some Gingerbread…been waiting forever…

  • TheNewShaft

    My unbranded Desire Z is still lacking Gingerbread goodness also

  • Bob Chandler

    This update almost bricked my phone, and for over 2hrs just flipped between the HTC logo and the Vodafone logo and would not boot to the home screen. Reluctantly and fearfully I resorted to removing the battery, replaced it and hoped for the best! Thankfully, it worked as I was preparing to do a full hard reset!

    I wouldn’t recommend this, but if the same happens to you – this is one solution that seemed to work. Only worked though after it had appeared to have completed the update. Wouldn’t recommend it before that though!

  • L Salvatore

    still waiting on my desire z getting ginge, it’s vodafone but unbranded…quite peeved now i mean i’ve only been waiting for months >_<

  • Alexandre Brooks

    I keep checking manually for updates and I have the automatic check also but stuck on 2.2.1 (1.72.405.2). I’m about to call customer support to see if they know when it might rock up…

  • Topdog

    Mine popped up today :) Wish me luck

  • BusyWaiting

    unbranded, on t-mobile, still no update, what’s going on, I thought unbranded phones were supposed to get the updates first?

  • – Adriasil –

    Yeah Vodaphone still hasn’t released mine. Went into the store yesterday, they said that they were rolling out the updates, something I already knew. However I find it interesting that they do it because of the networking… I thought it would be more along the lines of troubleshooting…

  • Alexandre Brooks

    still nothing for me… how did it go Topdog?

  • Steve

    Unbranded UK DZ here too, 1am 31st July (last day), still nothing.

    CM7 is starting to call loudly, as is a different handset manufacturer when I buy my next one.

  • – Adriasil –

    I got mine Yesterday. Looks nice. Should be fun delving deeper.