Samsung Galaxy R revealed

Liking the Samsung Galaxy SII ? You’ll love this, the Samsung Galaxy R. It’s got a slightly smaller screen than the SII with 4.2″ rather than 4.3″, plus it’s a little thicker, but in other respects it’s pretty similar.

We’re trying to dig out more information at the moment but CNet reckon that this will be out this month. They’re also carrying pictures of the Galaxy R, although they do look suspiciously like the existing promotional Galaxy SII shots.

The Samsung Galaxy Z adds to the confusion over on the Three website in Sweden, where it matches the Samsung Galaxy R specs exactly. Confused yet?

Update – Apparently the Galaxy R / Galaxy Z is not coming to the UK. Techradar has had this statement from Samsung..

To date, the Samsung Galaxy R has not been confirmed for the UK Market.

However Samsung currently has a range of Galaxy handsets available in the UK, including the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Ace, and is committed to providing a range of smartphones at varied price options to suit different consumer needs.

Links – CNetThree SwedenSamsung Galaxy SII Review

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