Cut the Rope now available on Android.

The hugely successful  iOS game ‘Cut the Rope’ is finally available for Android.

Cut the Rope now available on Android.

Another of massively successful games from iOS has been ported, along with Angry Birds and Peggle (This week via the US only Amazon App store- soon to market) this is sure to be very popular.

Now, before you rush off to the Android market, it’s not there! It’s an exclusive via GetJar, they also did this with Angry Birds. Don’t fret though, you can get it here:

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope now available on Android.

So, try not to get caught by the boss having a sneaky game today!

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  • Anonymous

    Totally awesome game. Good to see it finally come to Android!

  • Great post! Thanks a lot!

  • Marc

    Why does it need to read my contact info and know where I am?

    • Anonymous

      This is what makes things free. :)

  • Guest

    The number of reviews I see on the market saying “why does this need to access location data?”… isn’t it plainly obvious? There is a leaning towards FREE apps on Android. How do they make these free? By delivering advertising. No doubt a lot of this advertising needs to be targetted based on location. Why feed us in the UK with adverts aimed at eastern european countries (as an example)?
    I would, however, question the need to access contact data. Does the game include an option for sharing with friends?

  • Does anyone read these posts before they are published? Standards are slipping here at

  • Me

    Presumably if we want any chance of getting future updates, then we will need to sit it out until it is released via the market?