Nokia ‘Sea Ray’ Windows Phone Leaked

Just days after Nokia announced the MeeGo powered Nokia N9, it seems that CEO Stephen Elop has shown off the companies first Nokia Windows Phone to the world…. well it was only supposed to be a select audience and everyone was asked to turn off their recording devices so they can show something confidential but turns out not everyone wanted to.

It looks very much like an orchestrated leak. The projector image gets professionally included in the video. If it was a proper leak there’d be a blurry photo and nothing else, not professional tripod-mounted TV camera-footage fading gracefully into the on-screen projector image. I guess the only leak here is the fact that this footage got out onto the web. I’m guessing that it was (maybe) not supposed to.

[yframe url=’’]

Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone LeakedNokia Sea Ray Windows Phone Leaked

No official specs have been discussed but considering this looks just like a Nokia N9 it is expected to have the same 8 megapixel Carl Zeiss camera with the same curved glass screen as we have already seen but this time powered by Windows Phone Mango.

Here’s a longer version of the video above courtesy of

More shots below….

Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone LeakedNokia Sea Ray Windows Phone LeakedNokia Sea Ray Windows Phone Leaked

Link –

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  • Anonymous

    They should be pushing the N9 as hard as they can. First Nokia phone in ages that’s really excited me.

  • Raygun

    I am buying this when it comes out, given that the battery life is acceptable for my needs. 

    WP7 imo is the cleanest UI in the market, the hardware has just been lacking. Marry a solid hardware design with the Metro UI, and people will be ignorant or brainwashed to not consider it.