Fancy a £22 tablet ?

Really, that is correct!

According to The Times of India the long awaited ‘Sakshat’ budget tablet is due for a release in India by the end of the month.

Priced at an amazing $35 (roughly £22) the tablet is a Government backed device that should retail for 2,200 Rupees( $49) , but is subsidized down to the $35 price. All the same, $50 for a tablet is still stupid cheap!

Now the specification or build quality isn’t likely to worry Apple or Motorola too much but all the same, the 7″ tablet does have a reasonable spec, featuring Wifi, USB, 32Gb storage and 2Gb ram.

So, probably not of huge interest to most of you, but it really does show what can be done for not a lot of money.



The Times of India.