Fancy a £22 tablet ?

Really, that is correct!

According to The Times of India the long awaited ‘Sakshat’ budget tablet is due for a release in India by the end of the month.

Priced at an amazing $35 (roughly £22) the tablet is a Government backed device that should retail for 2,200 Rupees( $49) , but is subsidized down to the $35 price. All the same, $50 for a tablet is still stupid cheap!

Now the specification or build quality isn’t likely to worry Apple or Motorola too much but all the same, the 7″ tablet does have a reasonable spec, featuring Wifi, USB, 32Gb storage and 2Gb ram.

Fancy a £22 tablet ?

So, probably not of huge interest to most of you, but it really does show what can be done for not a lot of money.



The Times of India.



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