Evernote for WP7 now available

Evernote for WP7 now availableEvernote have just announced the release of a new app for WP7 which joins the versions already available for PC, Mac, Android, iOS, WebOS and Blackberry.

For those new to the service, Evernote allows you to take notes which sync across all your devices. In addition to simple text based notes, you can attach pictures, audio or even maps. There’s also a web clipping feature which allows you to save web pages for browsing later.

The WP7 app makes full use of the Metro UI and features pivot panels for Notes, Notebooks, Tags and Recent Notes.

You can grab it now from the Windows Phone Marketplace.





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  • Aran

    Well you can download it and create a new account but when you log in the screen is all white. I’ve tried different accounts, reinstalling the program but nothing works, the screen still ends up black. Bah, I’m giving up and will perhaps try again tomorrow…

  • Aran

    In a bizarre moment of nonsense the WP7 evenote app requires for its first usage a wi-fi confection. This is not explained anywhere and makes no sense. I don’t have wi-fi set up at home and so had to generate a wi-fi signal with one of my android phones, log onto it with my Omnia 7 to make the app work.

    Luckily it is an ace app, one that I now have on my home PC, my three android phones and now my WP7. It’s all good…