ChaCha & 9900 Sneek Peak Videos From Vodafone

Vodafone have released two new videos on their YouTube website and these are taking a quick look at the HTC ChaCha and the BlackBerry 9900 both featuring QWERTY keyboards but aimed at different customers.

First of all there is the HTC ChaCha……..

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The ChaCha is one of the new Facebook phones and unlike other phones this has a button which gives you direct access into the special application and with Facebook built into the heart of this phone you get great extras like fast uploading of pictures to your album, checking into a location and also seeing what is going on with your friends and family.

The ChaCha is expected to go on sale this month here in the UK.

Next is the BlackBerry 9900…….

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This BlackBerry really needs no introduction, it is an awesome device packing the latest version of the BlackBerry OS so you get great access to email and applications, you also get the very impressive BBM service so you can chat to your friends or family all over the world without worrying about the cost.

This is the upgrade to the highly successful Bold 9780 and is expected to go on sale around September this year.

Link: Vodafone Coming Soon