Introducing Twitsprout, one page twitter analytics.

OK, so this isn’t smartphone specific and is best viewed via a PC, but as we mostly use smartphones to use twitter I guess I can get away with featuring it here on Coolsmartphone.

So, Twitsprout is a one page twitter “social media analytics and intelligence service”, or in simple terms a nice and easy way to have a look at how your twitter account is growing and changing.

There is nothing here that hasn’t really been done before, but the way it is presented as a one page view is very appealing. The one page features all you really need to know, follower count, growth rate, amount of tweets etc, all presented with  lovely graphs- and we all love graphs don’t we!

See below for a screenshot of my page:

Pasted below is how Dan Holowack, the Founder and Ceo,  wants Twitsprout to be interpreted. Seems like a very no nonsense straightforward approach to me!


1. No more jargon. We’ve had enough “klout, clout, influence and velocity.” What does it all really mean anyway?
We use language our users understand. Follow the KISS principle.
2. ONE PAGE. There is something simple and elegant about the ‘one-page’. If it’s done well, the content is easy to digest, and your eye naturally draws comparisons across different metrics on the dashboard.
3. Smart alerts, not weekly reports. I’m tired of receiving the same emails, week after week, that say, “Hi Dan! Everything is exactly the same as it was last week!”. I’ve stopped opening those emails. TwitSprout is developing smart alerts – notifications that are sent within hours of abnormal activity occurring (ie. Many more RTs than usual, losing followers, a fast influx of mentions etc.)
4. Education. We have the data, we show you the trends – now it’s time to improve the social strategy. TwitSprout will layer education into the product to help every account from the initial “0 Followers” stage to large business growth.

Now, here’s the rub, Twitsprout is currently in beta, you have to email/tweet and ask to be added to this list. Apologies I can’t just give you a download link, but Dan is very proactive and will keep you informed of when the invites go out.

Here are the links to get in touch if your interested: