O2 Samsung Galaxy S II Delivery delays

O2 Samsung Galaxy S II Delivery delaysWe’ve seen some pretty good pricing coming out of O2 recently. They had the Samsung Galaxy Tab up for £299 and the Galaxy S II for just £399. Both devices were available on Pay & Go and many people decided to take advantage, however we’re now being contacted by customers who are yet to received their handsets.

Pulser, from VillainROM has added his opinions in forum and news posts. We’re also hearing similar issues via Twitter. It all boils down to the fact that phones were advertised as being “in stock” when ordered, but there’s now a wait until the end of the month for delivery.

Do let us know if you’ve been affected by this, we’d love to know more.

Links – VillainROM@mintymurrayxda-developers.com

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  • ha am so annoyed still not recived my device since i placed the order on 8th may 

  • Anonymous

     I’ve been checking online everyday too see if stock has returned but I hear it could well be June before they are back on payasyougo.

    Oh and I just found this deal from hotukdeals for the LGX2 http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/lg-star-optimus-2x-android-sim-free-unlocked-mobile-phone-329-play/938715?page=1

    Unrelated but I thought it worth mentioning.

  • Abs

    We’re getting a new shipment to meet the demands. We will be dispatching handsets as soon as possible for any pending orders. We’re also making sure that the stocks are available in stores from tomorrow onwards for all our customers. We apologize for any inconvenience.  for any inconvenience. 

    • Is it possible for your staff to give customers an indication of when that will be, as they are currently being told it is going to be 14 days for stock… 

      I was promised dispatch today from a manager, yet there is no way to check my order status. 

    • David

       I ordered this phone online while it said ‘in stock’, the order went through, an order reference number was generated once it had been processed but I never recorded it. Granted i should have but it said the order number would be e-mailed and besides any problems i could phone up and get the order number. Having received no e-mail confirmation i phoned O2, i was assured there was no record of my online order having given my address, name etc. Since O2 had no record of it I ordered again and was told by the operator they had some left at the time. My bank then contacted me with regards to a fraud check as two payments of £399 had been taken by O2 over the last few days. Needless to say I wasn’t best pleased and i can’t imagine my refund is going to be a quick process, never again.

  • I covered a story on this last week: http://v3.nu/is36Ba – Total mess by O2. They promised me a quick refund of my £400 also due to the trouble I had and guess what? No refund received. They told me 14 days for normal refund but they would do it within 7.

    I’ll never place an order with them again!

  • I ordered mine last Monday and received it Thursday

  • Waqas

    Order 5th May on Pay as you go and still not received anything. The following dates were promised for deliveries:

    1. 9th May
    2. 13th May
    3. 16th May
    4. 30th May – Now 30th May which makes it 25 days after they have taken £400 from your bank account and have earned 1 month’s of interest.

    O2 has damaged its brand and is only prioritizing pay monthly orders. I have seen galaxy s2 in stock on local o2 stores but they are for only pay monthly customers. Three times my order has been sent to the warehouse but nothing gets dispatched. I am also an o2 pay monthly customer for iphone 4 and o2 broaband customer and I am so frustrated that I am going to leave o2 after what they have done with myself. 

  • Dash

    They have really dropped the ball on stock management this time.

    I ordered my SGS2 on  2nd, received it on the 3rd.  Brilliant, no complaints – oh wait, duff screen.  Getting it swapped was a nightmare or orders being placed with no stock, being told stock is weeks off, to orders being dispatched to wrong addresses.

    Still, they found stock from somewhere to replace mine.