HTC Sensation priced up SIM free – £499.99

HTC Sensation priced up SIM free   £499.99
The all-new HTC Sensation is now up for pre-order from Play. If you’ve got £500 floating around your bank account then you can pre-order it. The SIM free device isn’t due for release until 30th of June though..

Dan was on-site for the launch of this new handset last month. It features 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon Dual Core Processor, 4.3 ” screen with Gorilla glass, 8 megapixel camera, HD (1080p video recording) and a 1520mah battery.

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Credit – @pwnstah

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  • Anonymous

    With every passing day i kick myself harder for not buying the GS2 when O2 had it for £399. Even if it was only a placeholder until the new nexus phone.
    Seeing as all these new high-end phones seem to be retailing at that £500 mark I wouldn’t have lost much selling it on :(

  • Just pre ordered mine, get it in a few days time.