Google – Ice Cream Sandwich announced

For us Brits it’s another foodstuff that we’ve probably never tried but, Ice Cream Sandwich is now official. It seems that reducing fragmentation and pulling all the good stuff from the tablet OS – Honeycomb – into one new OS. Arriving in Q4 this year, it’s one OS “for all” and should work across all device without any “special versions” for certain form factors.

Google have also announced that more than 100 million Android activations have happened with 400,000 popping out of boxes every single day.

Over the past two and a half years, we’ve shipped eight releases of Android and there are now more than 310 Android devices around the world, of all shapes and sizes. This morning we talked about our next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. Our goal with Ice Cream Sandwich is to deliver one operating system that works everywhere, regardless of device. Ice Cream Sandwich will bring everything you love about Honeycomb on your tablet to your phone, including the holographic user interface, more multitasking, the new launcher and richer widgets.

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