HTC Desire HD & Incredible S getting Gingerbread now

HTC Desire HD & Incredible S getting Gingerbread nowHTC have started the roll out of the Android 2.3 or Gingerbread update to existing HTC Desire HD and Incredible S handsets.

This will arrive as an OTA update, so keep an eye on your phone if you have one of these devices.


Link Engadget

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  • Wow! Thanks for interesting information! Nice cookie on the picture!

  • Tberry

    I wonder how long before T-mob update theirs:(((((

  • Marc

    Will I be getting this on an Orange handset? Or is it just HTC unlocked unbranded?

  • Jonny_t17uk

    It’s not a cookie you Gimp. It’s a ‘ginger bread’

  • Mike

    Still f-all here in the UK :(

    Thanks HTC UK.

  • sanj

    Apparently still being tested for uk phones.

    • Sausages

      Is that because we drive on the other side of the road

  • Lee Sainsbury

    What about phones supplied by carriers – like the Desire HD on Orange?

  • Mike

    Two days later and STILL f**k all here in the UK!

  • Deejay_sonic

    What about my Desire ?

  • FreeviewPhil

     Just started rolling out to carrier free handsets