EXCLUSIVE!: Carphone Warehouse Price LG Tab At £799

Exclusive breaking news from CoolSmartPhone. Carphone Warehouse website have listed the new LG Optimus Tab – that new 3D tablet announced back at Mobile World Congress in February – but with a hefty price to pay!

EXCLUSIVE!: Carphone Warehouse Price LG Tab At £799

The shocking price tag of £799 is way more expensive than the Motorola Xoom and Apple iPad 2.  Maybe this is down to the 3D recording, but at nearly £800 does anyone actually expect Carphone Warehouse to start selling these?


On clicking ‘View Deals’ on the website the price still shows as £799 but also shows as ‘In Stock’ as you will see by the image below.

So either there is a SERIOUS problem with the website and the tab is not in stock and not £799 or it really is and ready for LG to give the go ahead to sell

EXCLUSIVE!: Carphone Warehouse Price LG Tab At £799

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  • 799 ? i could possibly get a car for that

  • I see these flying off the shelves…back to the depot.

  • tebs

    Tablet-Mania has just hit an all time high (low)

    What a crazy price!

  • I just ordered the parts to build my friend a pretty decent PC (no monitor) and it came it at £415! £799 for a tablet is ridiculous