first look: Go Launcher EX

first look: Go Launcher EXWe have seen so many launchers in the android market, it’s much to hard for you to find the right one to catch your eye. Some are visually appealing and some are useful for your needs. I have found a launcher that puts both into the perspective and provide you with something that is both useful and has good-looks.

the launcher has one of the most controversial features out there in terms of launchers; folders in the app drawer. this is a feature present in Apple’s iOS and you know from the recent Samsung case that they would certainly sue the GO development team for this function. However, I’ve always felt that the Android OS has needed this. It certainly helps me to organize my apps in categories.

Another big feature in the launcher is the added ability to kill current apps using the default task manager. It is useful in killing processes on the phone to speed up the device. This maybe useful to people that want more speed and less lag.

This launcher is probably worth having a look at. It’s one of the most innovative ideas out there. Go check it out;

Link – Go Launcher EX

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  • I just don’t think Android needs folders in the same way that iOS does. With iOS there is no real homescreen so folders are essential for organising apps and keeping things tidy.

    With Android you can use the homescreen for shortcuts to your favourite apps with everything else hidden away in the app drawer. I hardly ever even open the app drawer as everything I need is normally either in my dock or on a homescreen.

  • Matt

    There are ways to do folders WITHOUT blantently copying the Apple iOS. Android already has in build folder support on the homescreens – so seeing the screenshots above I can see a cease and desist order or a copyright infringement coming GO development’s way pretty soon.

    • I think this provides folders for the app drawer. Although I agree about it being an iOS rip off.