Evidence That Your Incredible S Will Get Gingerbread

When phone companies say they will release a particular software upgrade, particularly with Android, there are a few occasions when it simply doesn’t happen, or is terribly delayed. Recently, the US-only Samsung Fascinate just received an upgrade to Android 2.2 Froyo, many months late. The recently unveiled HTC Incredible S has been released with Android 2.2, with HTC quick to let us know that it will be upgraded to 2.3 Gingerbread by this summer. Italian Incredible S owners, however, seem to have recently received the update to 2.3.3 (to be precise). This suggests that the update will probably hit all Incredible S devices much sooner than HTC’s official ‘end of Q2’ estimate.

Obviously, the update will be pushed out with HTC Sense installed on top of Android; Android updates that feature a manufacturer’s skin will almost certainly be pushed out significantly later that stock Android. So since the Incredible S was released not long ago, why didn’t it initially ship with some tasty Gingerbread? The 2.3 update will also be pushed out to the Desire HD, Desire, and Desire Z (the Desire S already featuring it), so if you have any type of Desire, you can look forward to some 2.3. It’s nice to see the update potentially being pushed out earlier than expected; previous experience would tend to dictate that HTC software updates are a slow and painful waiting game.