T-Mobile Update Coming Soon Page

T-Mobile UK have just updated their Coming Soon page and have added some new phones and release dates, all running Android OS.

T Mobile Update Coming Soon PageT Mobile Update Coming Soon Page

In case you can’t see the images above here are the estimated release dates of the handsets

  • LG Optimus Black (May)
  • Sony Ericsson Neo (July)
  • Samsung Galaxy S 2 (June)
  • LG Optimus 3D (June)
  • HTC Cha Cha (June)

Link: T-Mobile

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  • Moo Moo Head

    Wow, are LG lacking behind now in the OS war? It was SE last year, is it LG this year, both high end handsets rocking 2.2…. come off it, 2.3 has been out on Nexus S since December!

  • Dave

    Thats a galaxy S in the picture not an S2. Do T-Mobile know anything about phones?