Apple Sues Samsung for copying iPhone and iPad.

Yeah, really!

The Wall Street Journal is apparently reporting that Apple has Sued Samsung for copying the design of the iPhone and iPad.

Apple Sues Samsung for copying iPhone and iPad.

Not really a huge surprise, or a massive surprise, depends on how you look at it. By that I mean the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Ace look like near replicas of the iPhone, but Apple vs Samsung is a huge battle that can only cost a fortune if it went any distance. This applies to the Galaxy S and the Galaxy tab (has to be, as their new tablets aren’t actually out yet)

Another take on this is Apple taking pot shots at Android in the same way they are currently Suing HTC for copyright infringements.

“Rather than innovate and develop its own technology¬†and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple’s technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products,” Apple said in the filing

Link – Fox Business

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  • Craig

    I think it is a bit of surprise really. The iPhone is such an iconic phone in Mobile Tech lore that I’d wager more than half of all smart phones create subsequently have taken something from the design, look and feel of the device. How this can be proven however is another story all together.

    Seems like another meaningless court wrangle for me.

  • Soni

    The whole apple is meaningless. Honestly the way they’re whining, and blaming everybody reminds me to a child. Blaming the browser benchmark because they get crap score? Loool… This only makes sure I’ll never ever ever ever buy any apple product in my life. Not because it’s crap, but because of the company’s attitude pisses me off!

  • It’s funny how apple is suing samsung for copying when apple has an extensive history of taking other companies’ technologies. Apple has been sued for this in the past (and they still continue to take ideas from other companies). I just find this funny.

  • Rumpleforeskin

    Ok so..why dont t.v manufacterers all sue each other? because they all look alike. this is just stupid.