Throwback: Motorola RAZR V3

Throwback: Motorola RAZR V3

Ah the V3, this brings back fond memories for me. Released in 2005, the V3 was the thinnest and most amazing phone I’d ever seen. It also had some (at the time) pretty outstanding features, like a VGA camera with video capture (gulp!), MP3 ringtones, and a metal body. It was the first really impressive phone that I used, and I absolutely loved it. One of the most interesting features of it for me was the fact that it had a web browser, something that my previous phone (a Motorola L6) had, but I never got round to using. It was amazing as I could Google things on-the-go; I wasn’t using Facebook at the time, and Twitter hadn’t even been invented. I also loved the camera on this thing, and it was so small and thin that it could fit pretty much anywhere.

The V3 was the phone that introduced me to the wonderful potential that a mobile phone had, not just to call and text, but to browse the web and send email. Sure, it was light years behind compared to the devices I use today, but six years is an aeon when it comes to smartphones. In short, I probably wouldn’t be a smartphone user today if it weren’t for this phone. The V3 was discontinued only two years after, in 2007, but mine still works fine and it doesn’t actually lag far behind my HTC or Blackberry when performing everyday tasks.

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  • White-energy

    So.. whats the point? what do you want to say?
    If i’m getting right, you’re saying that HTC, blackberry or whatever phone after V3 came out SUX !?

    • Anonymous


    • Will

      You’re illiterate, congratulations

  • Acomment

    Nice little piece. I had this phone and used a HP organiser running windows mobile. I’d browse using the the class 2 Bluetooth. It just worked and like you say, I dont think these modern smartphones are any better as a pure phone.

  • Stephen

    Dont suppose you got the default ring tones that came with the phone?

    • Anonymous

      Would you like them?

      • Stephen

        Dont suppose you can stick them on some free file sharing site like megaupload? Or dropbox or something? Cheers

        • Anonymous

          Sure. I’ll have a go sometime tomorrow.

          • Stephen

            dont suppose you got around to uploading them?

          • Stephen

            Did you get around to uploading the ringtones at all?  cheers.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, I haven’t. 

          • Will

            Suppose you changed your mind?

  • Rooster

    This was a truly outstanding phone, a real star trek communicator. Its build quality was sublime and it really was a joy to use as a phone first and utmost. This is a poignant post for me personally as it was my late fathers last contract phone. I have it safely boxed but occasionally switch it on to remind me of him and browse his last few msgs. And, when I do, I am reminded what a truly great phone it is.

  • BatterOnItSC

    @Whate-energy Dude, he’s remainssing. Same way that i still think that the PS2 was an almost perfect console even though I’m using something way better now.

  • TheNewShaft

    I’m sorry to add a negative comment but the OS, even at the time was rubbish! It didn’t follow any kind of logic & had a steep learning curve.

    This was a problem that all Motorola’s at the time suffered, great hardware but sub par software.

    That being said the V3x which was the 3G version of the phone, looked ugly but had great touches to the OS such as native voice input which didn’t need a connection to the internet to work & was pretty damned accurate

  • Dan

    Nostalgia! I used to be a big big motorola fan back when i was around 16-20, and the best 2 devices i had from them (before upgrading to windows phones) was the Motorola SLVR and the Motorola E398.

    I remember how all the people in my college class were wowed by how the E398 had a feature that would turn lights on the phone on in tune to sounds, and would look amazing when turned on with a loud song!

  • I still have one on the shelf as a spare phone, as it is very reliable and the battery has a sufficient lifetime. It can’t store the number of contacts anymore and unfortunately the browser is not effective for many sites and also apps like Gmail are in current shape unsupported. Bit it can be a lifesaver, light in weight and compact!

  • Acumen

    Heh, my father still uses my old V3r…I got it in early ’07, and while i’m not particularly hard on phones it was too fun to flip it open or closed with the momentum of the screen section.  Despite this potentially unsympathetic handling, the thing has been in use in our family for almost 5 years now, and it’s still going strong.  I’ve loved the features of my two phones since, but honestly the V3r was the nicest to call with, especially since I wear hearing aids.