Throwback: Motorola RAZR V3

Ah the V3, this brings back fond memories for me. Released in 2005, the V3 was the thinnest and most amazing phone I’d ever seen. It also had some (at the time) pretty outstanding features, like a VGA camera with video capture (gulp!), MP3 ringtones, and a metal body. It was the first really impressive phone that I used, and I absolutely loved it. One of the most interesting features of it for me was the fact that it had a web browser, something that my previous phone (a Motorola L6) had, but I never got round to using. It was amazing as I could Google things on-the-go; I wasn’t using Facebook at the time, and Twitter hadn’t even been invented. I also loved the camera on this thing, and it was so small and thin that it could fit pretty much anywhere.

The V3 was the phone that introduced me to the wonderful potential that a mobile phone had, not just to call and text, but to browse the web and send email. Sure, it was light years behind compared to the devices I use today, but six years is anĀ aeon when it comes to smartphones. In short, I probably wouldn’t be a smartphone user today if it weren’t for this phone. The V3 was discontinued only two years after, in 2007, but mine still works fine and it doesn’t actually lag far behind my HTC or Blackberry when performing everyday tasks.