HTC Sense 3.0 already ported to Desire HD

Earlier on today we posted an article about how HTC had said the new version of Sense would not work on older devices. They said it was due to hardware requirements, well XDA member capychimp has used the recent rom dump of the upcoming HTC Sensation and created a rom for the HTC Desire HD.

This rom is Android 2.3.3 based and has HTC Sense 3.0 in it, which makes me wonder whether or not HTC have been a little misleading with the truth. Do they just not want the hassle of updating all of those previous devices, such as the Desire HD, Desire Z, Desire S, Incredible S or Wildfire S to name but a few of the recent devices. As we know from the last few generations of devices HTC have always took a while to update their older devices and as time goes on I guess this is becoming more of a problem for them.

The current bug list is a little worrying, but no doubt these bugs will be ironed out in future releases. So if you really know what you are doing installing roms and you have an HTC Desire HD, then head over to XDA and get installing. I should add that it is entirely at your own risk.

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HTC Sense 3.0 already ported to Desire HDHTC Sense 3.0 already ported to Desire HDHTC Sense 3.0 already ported to Desire HDHTC Sense 3.0 already ported to Desire HD

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  • Stuart Mcgregor

    I thought the same when Htc announced this, didn’t take long for Xda to prove them wrong, again.

    • Think HTC needs to hire a few people from XDA

  • Joleen

    Why would anyone want a Desire S with an old Sense UI? HTC should port this to older units.

  • Steve

    Everybody forgets the venerable old HD2 which got a Sensation/Sense 3.0 port before the Desire HD.

  • Raf Splash12

    I have a desire – I know I should be getting gingerbread soon but will I at least get the sense on the desire HD and desire Z? I’m wondering if there is any way I can get sense 3.0 on it perhaps manually?

    • James Pearce

      I would be amazed if they could fit the new sense on the old desire and leave much space for apps.

  • Razzza

    I got the OTA last night for Sense 3.0 for Desire HD.