Tablets-Frustrating? Oh yes!

Now, I may get flamed for this, but I wanted to put my thoughts down on the current state of the market where tablets are concerned.

So, we started off just over a year ago with the iPad, it was ‘amazing’ and ‘magical’ and it has gone on to sell millions for Apple, there is no reason why the iPad2 won’t follow suit. From this first tablet on (yes yes, I know there were tablets before the iPad, but it was the first to go ‘global’) I have had issues with tablets.

Let me explain simply. They are just large phones!

I know, I’m hardly sticking my neck out with that statement, but in my opinion they got off to a bad start with the iPad and everyone has just followed suit. Apple saw an opening and released the iPad with the exact same operating system as the iphone and it worked, so they didn’t change anything, as proven a year later with the iPad2.

Problem with this is that it has made all the opposition as well as Apple lazy, it works, Apple have sold millions so why change it?

My annoyance is that tablets, like phones, make multi tasking hard work, the things we take for granted on the PC are not even attempted on a tablet, even when they are capable of it. Drop and drag, copy and paste, opening multiple tabs or windows, easy viewing and access to programs or apps running in the background….

I may be being overly harsh, but once you get past the fun of playing phone games on a large screen the gloss of owning a tablet is going to come off very quickly for some people when they realise they still need the laptop.

I’m sure Android is heading in the right direction, give it a few years and I’m sure we will be dropping the laptops completely, not sure that Apple will ever change their simple operating system philosophy to address this considering it’s probably why they sell so many devices!

Am I expecting too much, or is it just because tablets are in their infancy?

Second rant:

Android tablets and releasing them with sensible pricing!

I touched on this in this post some time ago, personally I don’t think much has changed since then! We are still waiting for nearly all of the major players to release a tablet, certainly a ‘proper’ one running Honeycomb, the operating system designed for tablets. ( Is the Xoom even out yet in the UK? I’ve lost track…) It would seem the cheaper, lesser well known makes are leading the way with the budget Advent Vega selling well (See James Pearce’s excellent mini review here ) and the Asus Transformer being a worthy contender for your money…..

But, the other big issue is the price. I have no idea what some of these companies are smoking, but we have had some ridiculous prices being banded about, all of them above the price of the ipad2 …. Now I’m no businessman, but if you price your tablet higher than the newly released successor to the market leader you’re not going to sell many!

Unless Motorola, LG, Samsung,HTC etc2 all price their 10″ tablets at a sub £400 price (Wifi only) they are doomed to being niche sellers for fanboys only.

My twitter feed is full of Android enthusiasts that want to buy a tablet but are either hugely frustrated waiting for one to be released at the right price or have cracked and bought a cheaper, budget one (Advent vega..) or an iPad 1 or 2 .

Please, sort it out! there are a lot of sales out there waiting.