Blog post: So? Where are the Phones and Tablets?

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Well, it’s Sunday and things are quiet on the phone news front, so I’d thought I’d share my thoughts on a few things that are annoying the hell out of me!

Phone manufacturers, we understand you like to generate a buzz and interest in your devices before they are launched,but for christ sake, launch the bloody things!

I watched (like the good geek I am) the Nvidia live announcement from the CES show back in early January,all excited at the impressive demonstration of the LG Optimus 2x phone, the phone ticks all the boxes of what I want from a phone to replace my ageing Nexus One. So I waited,watching for news of a release date in the UK and prices,nothing was forthcoming. No matter thinks I, they are sure to announce everything properly at the MWC2011 in February ……


So, it’s Feb the 27th, nearly two months after the phone was outed at the CES show and there is no confirmation of a UK release,plenty of reviews out there but no firm dates etc.

I’ve singled this out as an example but it isn’t just LG, it’s all of them,sometimes a phone comes out quickly but mostly it’s a long drawn out affair. The glut of Tablets due out are especially bad for this, if a Manufacturer wants a Unique selling point there is an easy one that’ll secure millions of sales –  RELEASE THE DAMN THING!! There must be thousands of us out there there want a decent tablet but won’t get an ipad,all watching and waiting for a decent Android (or RIM/HP/Microsoft) tablet, but simply can’t get one because there isn’t any out yet.

So, my message to all the phone and tablet manufacturers is quite simple, please, for the love of God,announce a phone and then follow it up with release dates and pricing details! Don’t announce something and then leave us hanging for weeks and months on end.

Am I right? or am I just impatient?

Please flame me in the comments below!

Cheers, Stuart.