A week with the HTC Desire S – Day 5

We loved the addition of the VGA camera at the front of the Desire S and wanted to give it a spin. We went into the dialer and tried to find the button marked “video call” but it’s just not there. It seems that the HTC Desire S won’t do traditional video calls, so you have to use an app instead. To test things out we used Tango. Think of it as a “Facetime” equivilent.

I gave it a try tonight so you can see the face-pointing camera in action…

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imW8WCHFJY0′]

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  • Smithers

    I am greatly appreciating your review as I am trying to descide between the two phones. When you compared to video recording performance of the two, the Xperia was able to focus continously which is great! The picture of the Xperia seemed a bit washed out and soft compared to the Desire, which looked much clearer and sharp. Have you noticed this in other clips as well?

    • Anonymous

      The picture on the Desire S is fairly sharp if you focus on the object
      BEFORE pressing record.