Zeemote Bluetooth Game Controller Review

I recently bought a Zeemote. It is a bluetooth game controller that has drivers available for Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows. Here are some pictures of the joystick.

Zeemote Bluetooth Game Controller ReviewZeemote Bluetooth Game Controller Review

This joystick has been around for a while now, the manufacturers Zeemote originally bundled these with various Nokia handsets along with some free Games. Recently they released an SDK (software development kit) for Android so that game developers could include support for this controller in their games. At the moment there are about 17 games in the android market that have support built in. The most notable are Speedx 3D and quake.

Zeemote Bluetooth Game Controller ReviewZeemote Bluetooth Game Controller Review

As well as being able to play games with built in support, there is a driver available on the market called “Bluez IME” which allows you to use the controller to map the buttons to various actions from a keyboard, so you can use the controller on various games that supports keyboard input. So you could play driving games, platform games or puzzle games using the controller as well. There are also drivers available on the Zeemote website for Nokia, Samsung, LG, Blackberry and Windows (normal not mobile).

Overall the controller is a great for games, with some smaller screen devices such as the htc desire onscreen controls are too fiddly, the zeemote would be perfect. The zeemote also works really well with my advent vega allowing me to prop the tablet up and play a game without having to hold onto the device the whole time.

The last thing to mention is the cost, brand new on Amazon they cost between £3 and £6.95, so if you fancy trying one of these out it is not going to break the bank.

Links – AmazonZeemote

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  • Jon

    That’s pretty cheap, last time I saw they were nearer the £30 mark.

    As an alternative, however (and if you want to have a lot more buttons) I recommend the free Cobalt Controller. I currently use a bluetooth PS3 controller on my Windows Mobile phone but it also supports the Wiimote. You can also navigate through the phone menus with it so it’s great if you have a phone with video out as it can work as a remote control for watching programmes.

    Think it’s Windows Mobile only but there are alternatives for Android and it saves Wii or PS3 owners buying yet another controller (plus you can also use the PS3 controller on your Windows desktop).


  • Whatever it its i think this zeemote bluetooth controller is best.. It gives more support..