A week with the HTC Desire S – Day One

Today is our first full day with the HTC Desire S. I’ve filmed a quick overview video and comparison with the existing HTC Desire. We’re out to give it a full test today on a day out at Thomas Land, so check back during the week for more updates ;)

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3n7-YVVLeU’]

If you want more specs and details don’t forget to check out our earlier hands-on story.

Link – HTC Desire S Up Close

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  • Billinge

    It looks incredibly like the Wildfire, is this the new look HTC are oging for? Bigger screen than the Wildfire, so presumably with a standard resolution unlike on the Wildfire.
    Perhaps this will be our new office mobile… I was considering the Desire or Desire HD, moving away from Windows Mobile.
    Looking forward to more videos.

  • Anonymous

    hmmmm metal is not so good since my girlfriend could really hurt me with that

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting HTC now have a 3.7″ screen (Desire S), 4″ screen (Incredible S) and 4.3″ screen (Desire HD).

    The latter two I believe have 8MP cameras vs. the Desire S which only has 5MP. The Desire HD has a woefully low 120mAh batter though. I think both the Desire S and Incredible S are 1400mAh or there about.

    It’s a shame the Incredible S only has Android 2.2 (and I think the old version of Sense) though but it is getting an upgrade at some point. It’s already out though, unlike the Desire S.

    I’d probably get the Incredible S myself due to it’s better camera and slightly bigger screen. I’ve seen the HTC HD7 (also 4.3″) and it’s just too big for my liking. Great screen though but not exactly pocket friendly.

  • Anonymous

    Are you planning to review the Samsung Galaxy S2 also? All the 2011 HTC phones have some serious competition in the Galaxy S2.

  • Could you please test the limits of the internal memory? The HTC Desire is a great handset but I am constantly having to delete apps (including some I have paid for) so that I can check out new ones. It’s a tragic flaw in an otherwise great phone.

    • Anonymous

      @ Eman Zaman: Agreed. The Desire hasn’t got enough app storage. Adobe Flash updates, Firefox Mobile and Opera Mobile all need 10-15Mb each.

  • Peterward-home

    Can you tell me if this (or any other Android phone) shows incoming calls as whatever you have a contact saved as under ‘File As’ in outlook. e.g. Andy Smith (ABC Ltd).
    Will this show up in full as with WM 6.5 or will it just show as Andy Smith (as iphone & nokia).

    Do you know if WM7 does the same.

    I’m due to upgrade my HD2 soon but this is important for me as I have 1600 business contacts some with the same names but from different companies and I don’t fancy going into each contact to change the surname to Smith – ABC Ltd.