HTC Desire S – Up close

HTC Desire S   Up closeThe HTC Desire S has the new Qualcomm 1GHz MSM8255 CPU but gets 1.1GB of internal storage and 768MB RAM – this compares to the 512MB ROM and 576MB RAM in the existing Desire. The camera is still the same 5 megapixel shooter with flash and HD recording we saw in the earlier model but there’s now a front-facing VGA camera to go with it. A G-sensor, digital compass, ambient light sensor and proximity sensors are all on-board and you of course get the microSD expansion slot too. That battery hasn’t changed much either – out goes the 1400mAh battery in the old Desire and in comes a 1450 mAh battery in the new Desire S.

WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and – so we’re told – Android 2.4. The screen remains the same 480×800 3.7″ unit.

We didn’t get too long with this but it looks like they’ve basically merged the great build-quality and looks of the HTC Legend with the fantastic performance of the previous Desire. It’s thin, aluminium and should prove to be very popular indeed. This will be available from Q2.

Link – HTC Desire S