iPad 2 launch delayed (a tiny bit)

Apple have confirmed that the iPad 2 launch will be delayed to 5pm on Friday 25th March. iPad 2 launch delayed (a tiny bit)

Originally scheduled for 9am the same day, the later time has been blamed on problems with shipping.

Online ordering has also now been confirmed as starting at 1pm on Friday. Stock levels have not been mentioned at all, but given the US now has a 4-5 week lead time, don’t expect stock to be plentiful.

The later start time raises the question of when will you start queuing??


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  • Guest

    lol, when do you start to queue…. I love watching these fools queing up to part with their cash… A fool & his money etc etc

    • Egon

      yeh i know what you mean.. i laugh all the time when Android bring a phones out or a tablet and see all the long queues of people fighting to get at them. …!!

      • ItemSize

        a) This article has nothing to do with Adnroid
        b) Android brings out neither phones nor tables
        c) People have never been witnessed “fighting to get at them”

        I think you have a slight chip on that shoulder there, bud.

        • Regarding c) I think Egon’s pulling your leg there! Sarcasm me thinks!

          Yes Android don’t bring out tablets or phones but it certainly powers them.

          You wouldn’t buy a phone in this day and age just because HTC or Samsung made it. It all comes down to the Operating System these days IMHO.

          IThank’s to app stores most people will stick to a certain brand of phone.

          When people queue up for a product launch it just goes to show how badly people want the product.

          Good news on the price drops tho (other iPad 2 story that was on coolsmartphone today)