Should we be kept updated?

I was listening to a podcast the other day, and they had a featured discussion on software updates, and whether or not as consumers, we should expect device manufacturers to update our devices during their lives.

I think the answer to this is a resounding yes! I work in the telecoms industry and I think that from a selling/recommendations point of view, the fact that the phone you get when signing your 18 or 24 month contract will evolve and offer new things over that time you own it is a huge plus point.

In the good old days when all phones were good for was call and texts, and some basic wap browsing, software updates were few and far between. As anyone with a mild interest in technology knows, the pace of development is staggering, and products are superseded very quickly, software updates go along way to elevate this.

Ok, so I understand that not everyone is completely up to speed on what the latest version of their chosen OS might be, but with smartphone contract prices moving down the scale, it’s not just the tech junkie making a smartphone their next choice.

A lot has been made of Android fragmentation, so its fair to say that updates and their timing will continue to be a talking point for a while yet.