The king is dead?

I’m not looking to promote another site.  Let me make this clear.  However,  Endgadet are experiencing some changes. A couple of weeks ago, Paul Miller, a senior editor announced he was leaving. Then tonight, Nilay Patel and Editor in chief Josh Topalsky have announced that they are leaving.

These guys have been people that I have listened to and I’ve spent plenty of time listening to their podcasts. Their leaving Endgadget is a big loss for their company and for me.  I listened to them for advice on my HTC Desire, and for help in the Smartphone world.

They have been, in the larger picture of the tech world,  a driving force, people that do not take mediocrity as an excuse for a product, have not been afraid to tell those that make decisions that they have made the wrong ones and have championed decent, working products as something you should invest your hard earned in.

I would like to think that their new owners, AOL, are ideal and that the direction they want to take the site isn’t a factor, but I suspect it is.  I believe that they bought the site last year and have made decisions regarding content and advertising.  It’s sad if the involvement of AOL has led to this, but if it has…  well, words can’t express what effect this is having on the freedom of the internet, and the opinion of people that care about tech.

I for one will follow these guys, as they are examples of uncompromising journalists that do not back down.

I Thought you all should know, so that it shall not happen to us.