Windows Phone 7 hits 10,000 apps

Windows Phone 7 hits 10,000 apps

Say what you will about Windows Phone 7, the apps are increasing. 10,000 apps are now available (10,106 as I type) according to and that’s good news amonst these last few weeks of update problems.

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The king is dead?
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  • I can’t think of any other devices which are sold so much on the strength of a measure like number of apps. Has anyone ever chosen an 360 over a PS3 because there are 5000 more games?

  • Anonymous

    WP7 has along ways to go to get legit. There behind on updates, their ads suck and there’s no new phones coming out with any buzz. Maybe by next year they’ll have their act together or not. Nokia might help, but I’m not sure.

  • Shardul Phase

    Applications are heart of smartphone….without them its nothing but a normal phone….But of course quality of apps and phone also matters

  • 10,000 APPS!! It would take a year to go through every single APP.Plus you need some serious bucks to download most of them!