Leaked Windows Phone 7 update for Mozart hits the web

Leaked Windows Phone 7 update for Mozart hits the webThe “NoDo” update is set to arrive sometime this month to Windows Phone 7 handsets. It’s the second update to arrive and should hopefully roll out more smoothly than the last. Today an official-looking ROM has appeared over on xda-developers for the HTC 7 Mozart which finally adds the copy and paste functionality. Those who’ve dared to install it have found just that. It can copy, it can paste. There’s a few more ringtones but you still can’t add your own and it performs a little better.

In the eyes of many this isn’t a “massive” update and we’d advise sticking with your official ROM for now.

Links – Monsmartphone.netxda-developers.com

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  • David K.

    I have heard that the manufacturers/carriers are required to deliver at least every second update to their customers. That would mean they are would be allowed to skip this NoDo update and are forced to deliver the important one.

    The tactic could be: whenever MS has got an important update ready they will release a NoDo update first.

  • honestly it really doesn’t seem to be a massive update. nothing really changed and this modifiation can not make someone refuse his phone to prefer this one..