Three Announce AYCE Data On PAYG

The network Three have just announced the next step in their All You Can Eat data campaign which staeted back in December on The One Plan.

You might have seen we recently put this ‘All You Can Eat’ data statement to the extreme and went through over 45GB in just two weeks, well the great news is that AYCE data is coming to Pay As You Go from today!.

Customers can now purchase two AYCE bundles which include an allowance of minutes, texts and of course the all important data allowance, the two deals are:

  • All in One 15 costs £15 and gives 30-days access to all-you-can-eat data along with a massive 300 any-network minutes and 3,000 texts
  • All in One 25 costs £25 and offers 500 minutes, 3,000 texts and all-you-can-eat data for a 30-day period.

New customers can now access all-you-can-eat data by buying one of Three’s new Pay As You Go, All in One 15 or 25 Add-ons. Pay As You Go Customers who joined Three prior to September 2010 will need to migrate onto the current tariff.

And if you still do not believe in AYCE Data then check out this test we did to prove it here

Also worth pointing out is that on the PAYG version of AYCE you cannot tether your phone as a modem, that privilege is saved for customers on The One Plan

Check below for the full press release from Three.

Three launches all-you-can-eat data on PAYG

Free your smartphone for just £15

Three will today shake up the mobile industry by launching all-you-can-eat data for Pay As You Go customers for just £15.

While other operators cut back on data allowances and charge customers more for access to the Internet, Three is bucking the trend yet again. Customers on Three’s new Pay As You Go plans will instead have access to all the data they will ever need so they can set their smartphones free and still stay in control of their spending.

That means people can now download the latest apps and music, update Facebook and Twitter, shop around for the best bargains and loads more without worrying about the cost. The move comes just two months after Three launched a similar all-you-can-eat data offer for contract customers with The One Plan.

Three’s Sales and Marketing Director, Marc Allera, said: “We want to get people using their smartphones in the way they were designed to be used, and that means data.

“More importantly, we want people to feel comfortable doing this without worrying about the cost. That’s why the new offers include all-you-can-eat data along with a huge allowance of minutes and texts.

“Three’s network was built for data, and it’s the confidence in the strength of our 3G network that means we can introduce deals like this.”

The introduction is also a reaction to research that suggested people didn’t always know how much data they needed to do different things. Instead they didn’t use much data at all through fear of running out of credit.

To celebrate the launch of this new offer, Three will also be running a competition over the coming month to show the value of the deal, with prizes including a 30-day first class rail travel pass to Europe for two. Runners up prizes of a smartphone along with all-you-can-eat data, free for a year and a huge amount of free calls and texts each month will also be up for grabs.

The competition will run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from the 4th March to the 1st April, with more information available at or on Twitter at @threeUK

Link: Three Blog

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  • eyecam

    As far as I can tell this does not include tethering, in fact even on pay monthly I cannot find out if it includes tethering so be careful !!

  • the one plan does include tethering, you can even put the sim in a modem and youre good to go.

    this is true for the one plan on contract anyway.

  • Nice, wish I had this with my iPhone! Especially when the Personal Hotspot feature is enabled in the new iOS.

    I just have this feeling that sneaky O2 will charge for this feature alone or make you purchase internet tethering to be able to use it. We should be able to use it, as usual, subject to reasonable use of course!

    Oh the good ol days of Windows Mobile when you could tether as long as you didn’t go to crazy! Three seem to have the whole “unlimited data” sorted.

    What are Three like for mobile signal. Have they significantly improved and can you more or less get a signal on Three like the big four (O2, Orange, Vodafone and Tmobile)

    Would you say they are if not better at least as good as the other networks?

  • it does includes tethering on pay monthly, i can tell you 100%, i consume 90% of the data on the one plan that way, i also have a mifi i use on ocassion and a usb modem.

    mobile signal on three for me is quite good, full signal most places except on the outer edge of the city (newcastle).

    one thing i would say is that the speed you can get on the one plan fluctuates wildly, i have told people to think about this, if you want any kind of service thats reliable and quick for the most part, then three isnt the network to be on.

    there also seems to be some confusion as to whether theres some kind of peak time speed restrictions going on. As three stand by the statement that there isnt such a mechanism in place, to the consumer, the three network has suddenly become extremely overloaded

  • Janesdroid

    Sorry folks, but is it me, or is 3’s new PAYG AYCE deal the new word for Unlimited? It may be different on the contract plan, but the PAYG terms and conditions state that you will be charged 11p per meg if you go over 500mb!

    • Aaron

      You are able to transfer as much data as you like if you purchase one of the above add ins with no additional charges for any data.

      Theyvjust haven’t updated their literature and website yet.

  • Matthew T

    It does include tethering. There’s an FAQ on the iPhone FAQ section and says you won’t get charged extra (as I found out that T-Mobile does – £2 for 3 days!), I guess it implies to any other mobile phone that has a modem option.