Coolsmartphone Recommended App – Dropbox

Dropbox is an easy way to synchronise files between your phone, your desktop computer, your laptop, your ipad, your iphone, your ipod touch or your blackberry, in fact most mobile devices or computers have software to suit. To sign up for an account is free, you get 2gb of storage to start with and you can buy more if needs be. Then once you have your account you set about installing the software on your devices. You get a public folder which allows you to download a file to public folder and then share it on the internet via email, text message or twitter. You could quite easily sync music, video, photos or documents. I use it to sync files and photos required for various websites to one online location so wherever I am I have access to them without having to carry drives around. I also sync between several laptops and several desktop some running Ubuntu, some running Windows XP and some running Windows 7. Overall I find it essential, it is so much more than just a single app it is a whole service. As it is free give it a go you may find another use for it that I have not thought of yet. If you want to sign up use either this link or this link and we will both get extra storage once you have installed the desktop client.

Links – Market (Device)Dropbox Site