Samsung Galaxy S2 rumoured for a March release…

Today UK online retailer Clove put the Samsung Galaxy S2 up their site with a suggested release of mid to late March, much earlier than was initially expected.

They also put some prices to it as well, the 16Gb version coming in at £510 + Vat and the 32Gb version at £590 + Vat…


Double edged sword this, it’s good that we hopefully have a high end Dual core phone out on the market in the coming weeks,with any luck this will speed up the other new phones due for release- I mean, come on LG, how long ago was the Optimus 2X showcased?! But best part of £600 + Vat is frankly cloud cuckoo land!! I love my phones, but that is too much, hopefully this is similar to the Tab where an initial high price dropped and dropped to eventually reasonable levels. We can hope.


Source: Clove

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