The AYCEonThree Data Challenge

You might have seen a few tweets recently around a plan we have with Three to prove their ‘All You Can Eat’ (AYCE) data on The One Plan really is as much as you like.

I met with some of the @threeuk team in London last week and we were talking about data and how many customers still do not believe there are no charges for going over the 1GB because there are no fair use figures stated anywhere.  This was backed up by a near 1000 comment post over on their official Blog site, many of which were customers unsure if it really was as much as you want.

So the plan was to take my normal One Plan SIM (not a staff one or special setup SIM just my own card) and take one HTC Desire HD kindly loaned to me and really hammer data use to the max to see what happens.

At the end of this test a screenshot of my bill with final data use for the month and showing the cost as £0.00 will be posted online and for Three to use on their blog to once and for all prove to everyone that AYCEonThree really is what it says it is.

I will be posting daily AudioBoo updates from the HD handset keeping everyone up to date on how it is going so far.

This is update 1 already and as you will hear I have already managed to push 12GB of data (no easy task!) which is already 2GB more than Orange offer on their iPhone SIM but costs £25 for just 10GB of data.

All going well so far, make sure you come back for updates as they come out so you can see what CoolSmartPhone and @ThreeUK have to bring you in the future around AYCE Data.

Link: Three Blog@ThreeUK Twitter

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