The AYCEonThree Data Challenge

You might have seen a few tweets recently around a plan we have with Three to prove their ‘All You Can Eat’ (AYCE) data on The One Plan really is as much as you like.

I met with some of the @threeuk team in London last week and we were talking about data and how many customers still do not believe there are no charges for going over the 1GB because there are no fair use figures stated anywhere.  This was backed up by a near 1000 comment post over on their official Blog site, many of which were customers unsure if it really was as much as you want.

So the plan was to take my normal One Plan SIM (not a staff one or special setup SIM just my own card) and take one HTC Desire HD kindly loaned to me and really hammer data use to the max to see what happens.

At the end of this test a screenshot of my bill with final data use for the month and showing the cost as £0.00 will be posted online and for Three to use on their blog to once and for all prove to everyone that AYCEonThree really is what it says it is.

I will be posting daily AudioBoo updates from the HD handset keeping everyone up to date on how it is going so far.

This is update 1 already and as you will hear I have already managed to push 12GB of data (no easy task!) which is already 2GB more than Orange offer on their iPhone SIM but costs £25 for just 10GB of data.

All going well so far, make sure you come back for updates as they come out so you can see what CoolSmartPhone and @ThreeUK have to bring you in the future around AYCE Data.

Link: Three Blog@ThreeUK Twitter

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  • Stuart McGregor

    12GB of Data!!! Well done sir!

  • 12gb nice! I used 2.2gb of data last month for no extra cost, love the one plan.

  • Andaroo79

    err, i feel greedy at 49gb.

  • ItemSize

    Can you do a speed test every now and then as well? It would be nice to see that they don’t lower your bandwidth when you hit a certain limit, which is what used to happen on unlimited data plans.

    • its up and down like a yoyo, have seen it drop to below 32kbps for a sustained period of time. the fasters its ever been is (whips out iPhone) 3645kbps.

      I have found that when the bill gets reset and the allowances return then, after the usage in my3 counts to zero, the speed drops dramatically, i have posted this on their blog already. after a lengthy phone call from the executive office, he blames the speed on the iPhone 4’s antenna.

  • Dan Carter

    Managed to hit 18.3GB now and still getting over 2mb/s download speeds at peak times. I got the warning text when i hit about 2GB but it did say “may be charged’ and this as Three already explained it a reaction from the system used for billing as it has not been updated yet. Still not being charged and now nearly at 20GB

    • what device are you using?

      using it this morning as a modem and its peaking out at 0.25mbps.

      • Dan Carter

        I am hitting 2.7mb/s whilst also downloading a 600 track spotify playlist. Using a HTC Desire HD

        • i suppose 0.25mbps is better than dial up/nothing.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t forget that a lot of cheaper ADSL providers usually have a FUP (Fair
            Usage Policy) of 3-5 GB per month, and that’s for fixed line broadband.
            Business ISP’s can have up to 40GB for ADSL

          • dont forget they advertise their traffic management policies and download limits.

            three it seems arent!

          • Dan Carter

            Thats because Three dont have traffic management or download limits. I have just hit 22GB mark and still getting over 2mb/s download speed on a speed test whilst downloading a 1.1GB Endadget show and downloading some content on my PS3.

          • take a look on the 3blog and you’ll find out there what people are experiencing and why three are offering a poor customer experience.


            if its working for you, thats great bud, but its not all dancing along at 2mbps

          • Matt

            I have been told by my mate on 3 (not me, I’m on T-mobile) that there is a management system on the Three internet access though. He cant access some legal porn sites;if he tries to then he’s sent back to the 3 portal page. I know that sounds seedy and sad, but it at least shows you to be aware the this AYCE data isn’t the same as All-You-Want-To-See !

          • Anonymous

            Fair doos. This afternoon on Orange I was getting really poor throughput. I
            moved location and then its fine. To be honest I guess I’m the sort of guy
            who’s happy enough seeing a “H”.symbol rather than a “G” one :)

  • three seem to be having a hard time convincing people on their blog that the network doesnt have throttling on it.

    if we take this at face value it means that three cant provide a consistent speed/quality of service and that is something we have to get used to it. If they arent throttling it, we have to conclude that their network cant handle all these people on the one plan and that EVERYONE is going to get rubbish speeds and poor connectivity.

    not had a problem before but having dropped connections left right and centre as well as poor speed..

    it is all you can eat but its only as good as three can *cough* provide it.

  • Khurram

    But can we use that sim for teethering as well?

    • Dan Carter

      yeah The One Plan also allows tethering

  • An update for all you readers.

    After having posted on the three blog about my inconsistent speeds/slow downs/deterioration of service.

    There are no issues with three in my area apart from a mast that blew a fuse more than 72 hours ago. my mast is quite nearby, I was told that in no uncertain terms do three throttle data usage on their network, we have no choice but to take this at face value.

    The conclusion of the conversation that I had with three is simply this. Slow data speeds, data disconnections and a deterioration of service for a sustained period of time is simply a service limitation. Three will never be able to provide a consistent level of service on the one plan. I fear anyone else on three will experience the same thing as eventually everyone will become affected.

    He concluded that it is all you can eat data but it is only as good as three can provide this to you.
    This I am happy with, I urged him to put this on the three blog, he said it wouldnt be good business practice as it puts a negative spin on the product..