Motorola Atrix Video Overview

We managed to get hands on again with the Motorola Atrix during Mobile World Congress and I was lucky to have arranged some time with a member of the team to give us a quick walk through the Motorola Atrix and the docks which are available and also how they work

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The Atrix is a stunning device, the first time I got hands on it all I looked at was the Laptop Dock and Desktop Dock available, however after I took all that information in and went back a day later other things stood out to me like the very impressive clear bright screen, the super fast dual core processing power when loading applications and web browsing.

There was also an advert running for the device which I recorded and uploaded too.

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Overall the Motorola Atrix is one hell of a device even just on it´s own but pair with the dock or Laptop Dock and you have what has to be the most unique and powerful device on the go

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  • Anonymous

    This is my current favorite but I just can’t buy a motorola device knowing how they have screwed up with updating “old” models. I mean if they pulled a Sony Ericsson and said they learned from their mistakes and this was running Gingerbread I could be tempted but as it stands no way.

    I do LOVE the idea of the dock as well but clearly we are still a generation away from it being a smooth experience. Maybe next year, I will be looking forward to it.

  • Anonymous

    Whilst definitely impressive. I see little real world value in a dumb terminal laptop approach. You’d be better off just taking a laptop with you. It would be roughly the same weight and size. With proper disk storage for documents, Office etc…

    It looks pretty limited. Quick Office. Really? The only value being your documents are only stored on one device but thing like Drop Box solve that.

    I like the monitor dock more. I could see that being useful as a way of plugging into a TV. Plugging it into a monitor seems a bit pointless because you can just plug a desktop or laptop into the monitor instead.

    But again even if you’re using it as a media centre into your TV. When someone calls you’d have to unplug it.

    Neat idea but little real world value.